Birthdays birthdays all around :D


October was actually a birthday month. So presenting here another colourful birthday card! 🙂


Birthday card for a baby boy turning 2 :D


So here comes the much awaited birthday of the most special baby on this planet. He is the cutest one and I love him a lot!
He loves mickey mouse thats why i have made a mickey mouse card.
Everything is hand made including the mickey mouse. It has been drawn and painted.
I had enveloped the card with lots of love and best wishes for the life to come!


Happy birthday card for a special friend!


Another handmade birthday card!
How small little gestures can make some ones day. You feel great when you surprise your bestie with a beautiful card when she least expects it. A card showcasing cute little things which a girl would definately buy for her birthday.
A party dress, heels and a drink 😀
Happy birthday my beautiful friend! Much love 🙂
Material used:
-colored sheet
-handmade cut outs
-sketch pens
-lots of love


Birthday card!


Birthday card for my beautiful bhabhi.
It was mothers day as well so it was a two in one card one for bhabhi and one for a mom from his cute son.
“Ting tong… mommy its me .. just wanted to wish happy mothers’s day “

Material used:
– Colored sheets
– sketch pens
– photos
– stickers
– balloons
– colored cut outs
– lots of love


Birthday card for the best son, father, brother and husband!


Birthdays are meant to be special!

So here is my way of making my cousin feel special.

Material used:

– colored A4 size sheets

– sketch pens

– ribbons

– colored cuttings

– Love and best wishes


Another Birthday Card For A Cute Friend!


Material used :

  • 2 colored A4 size sheets 
  • Sketch pens
  • Colored tape – blue color
  • stone stickers
  • glitter sheets 
  • most important – LOVE AND EFFORTS!