Butterfly birthday card! :D


A simple Happy birthday card for a friend.
Made up with cut outs and lots of love.
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Paper Flower Tutorial !

I simply loved this tutorial and it is even easy to make with the help of the tutorial so thought of posting it!

These large paper flowers  make stunning party decorations.These flowers are made of regular chart paper and need no special tools to make them.Click for link to paper flowers tutorial

Paper flowers tutorial
2.Paper Decorations– Make your own party or festival decoration by making an easy and spectacular Paper Flower Star.These can be made in large sizes and are stunning birthday or party decorations.Click her for link to Paper Decorations tutorial
Paper Decorations tutorial

3.Honey Comb Paper Flower Tutorial
No special tools are needed to make these intricate looking flowers and you can use them to make cards or as 3 D flower decorations .
Pop up Honeycomb flower

Pop Up Honey Comb Flower
Pop up Honeycomb flower
4.Paper Rose Tutorial
Who doesnt love roses? This paper rose petal has a pear shape..a bit tricky to make so attempt when you are feeling up to a challenge!Click for Paper Rose Tutorial

Paper Rose Tutorial

5.Easy Paper Flower Tutorial
These paper flower petals have a balloon shape.They are quick and easy to make and when you want to whip up a lot of paper flowers in a jiffy give them a try.Click here for Easy Paper Flower Tutorial

Paper Flower Tutorial

6.Easy Paper Flower Tutorial

These paper flower petals also have a balloon shape.Again quick and super easy to make paper flowers.Click here for Easy Paper Flower Tutorial
Paper Flower Tutorial

7.Paper Flower Tutorial-Easy Daisy

Paper Flower tutorial
Heart Shape petal Flowers – Make various flowers using  heart shapes
Heart Punch 3 D Flowers
Buying punches can get addictive-you always yearn for  one more punch.Sharing how versatile the heart punch is and tutorial link to a this daisy made with the heart shape.Click for Paper Flower tutorial
Heart Punch Daisy Flower Tutorial
Flat Folding 3 D Flower Tutorial
Flat Folding 3 D Flower Tutorial

11.Paper Rose Tutorial 

Paper Rose Tutorial

12.Easy punch Flower tutorial
One more easy flower to make using a heart punch. Click  for paper flower tutorial

Easy Paper Flower tutorial 

13.Circle Flower
If you can cut circles you can make these super easy flowers!!Click for Paper flower tutorial

Paper Flower Tutorial

Since they are so easy to make you can whip up large 3 D projects easily using your paper flowers.

Paper flowers tutorial

These golden flowers were made by recycling a wedding invite. Choosing the paper to make the flower makes such a difference to the look of your paper flowers.

Circle Flower Tutorial

14.5 Petal Paper Rose Tutorial
These roses are made using a 5 petal flower punch. Click  for 5 Petal Paper Rose Tutorial

Paper Rose Tutorial

You can make them small or large by adding more petals to the paper rose.

Paper Rose Tutorial

Add some leaves and you have a beautiful rose bush of Paper roses

Paper Rose Tut

The following post is an outstanding work of Dr. Sonia S V 

Paper photo stand ! :D

A birthday paper photo stand to decorate with the cake while surprising your friend. Easy to make and looks great while presenting.
Made a handmade crown with stickers.


Every thing was envelop with beautiful birthday wishes.
A sweet handmade crown when you have no time to visit the market.


So this is my way of making my friend feel special .
Everything is easy to make and it will surely bring a smile on the face of your bestiee… 🙂


Flowers add on more love to your surprise 🙂 😀

Birthday card for a baby boy turning 2 :D


So here comes the much awaited birthday of the most special baby on this planet. He is the cutest one and I love him a lot!
He loves mickey mouse thats why i have made a mickey mouse card.
Everything is hand made including the mickey mouse. It has been drawn and painted.
I had enveloped the card with lots of love and best wishes for the life to come!

Merry Christmas! :D


Being nostalgic!
So this is a painting I made when i was in class 7th (2004), Was just going through my drawing notebook and found this one so thought of posting it.
The school time was the best time of my life and have many good memories attached. Life was so simple in school. I miss those good innocent days of my life.

Drawing period was my favourite period for which i used to wait every week.
I soo wish we had such activity classes in post graduation as well. It would have been fun to attend such sessions.
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#being nostalgic